Dr. Ken Schoolmeester


I couldn’t decide on a major, so it chose me. I began my veterinary journey in a small drug store during my early college days. While I was pricing jar after jar with a ticket gun, a black dog walked up and licked my face. I couldn’t believe that a dog was inside the store. I rushed to follow it as it rounded the aisle; however, it seemed to have disappeared. I looked all over the store and even went outside, but no one had seen the dog. Yes, this was the early 70s and no I hadn’t smoked anything funny before my shift. My mother had told me from the time that I was a small boy that I would be a veterinarian, it seemed like it was time to finally heed her advice and start the journey she had predicted.

After completing my veterinary degree at Ohio State, I moved to Greensboro as I found NC to be a beautiful state with wonderful climate. Just after a year of working my first job as a veterinarian, I decided it was time to open my own veterinary practice and fulfill my vision of what personalized veterinary care should be. Twenty-three successful years later, changes in my personal life brought me to Charlotte where I started my second business – Mixed Pet Veterinary Hospital in early 2000. The journey has been gratifying and fulfilling beyond even what I had experienced in Greensboro, with many successes and some heartache along the way. Yet, more than four decades after that day in the drug store, I look forward to going to work everyday (I don’t call it work – but my passion). I have a lot of fun with my staff but I’m also impressed daily with their level of dedication and compassion. Most importantly, it is so rewarding to provide my clients and their pets with the best veterinary medical and personalized care. At the end of each day I look forward to more of the same tomorrow.

I share my life with my wonderful and beautiful wife, Holly, who has been very important to the success of my veterinary career and even more so, my happiness. When we are not out and about on the town or traveling, we both enjoy our time at home with a glass of wine, cooking dinners together and watching our very extroverted and expressive cats – Marmalade and Sterling playing together. You can see Marmalade here in my arms trying to squirm away. He’s a character!