Spay and Neuters

Spay and Neuter


After six months of age your pet is ready for spay or neuter. In some cases, 20% of a puppy’s canine teeth need to be removed surgically. In those instances, we would prefer for your pet to undergo only one anesthetic procedure.


We do not use assembly-line surgery procedures (we admit that sounds bad, but we are just being honest). We limit the number of surgeries per day to less than five, so that we can monitor and pamper each patient with the best medical care. We offer an affordable spay or neuter in a spacious and deluxe environment of history and familiarity. One preparation, one surgery, one recovery period…only one pet at a time.

How Much:

We offer some of the lowest spay and neuter rates in Charlotte.

We provide an upfront, transparent estimate with no hidden fees.  Our base price ranges between $65 – $115 depending on the species, sex, age and weight of the patient. There are additional opt-in services and procedures you may elect for your pets surgery.  We will simply and quickly explain your options so that you may choose the services that are best suited for you and your pet’s medical and financial needs.